MX-30 lowered with 19" rims

I quite like my MX-30 but the rims and the ride height always seemed off. 

Using H&R springs (-35mm front, -40mm rear) and Borbet "V" rims, the result is most satisfying. 

I carefully researched tires, as I was forced to go from 215 to 225 width and didn't want to sacrifice too much range to that. It is after all, a tiny 32kWh battery !

Turns out Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 in 225/45/19 have better rolling resistance (A) than stock Bridgetone T005A tires in 215/55/18 (B) without sacrificing on wet grip or noise. The Eagle F1 also protect the rims quite well.

It wasn't done at the time, but to keep the "stock" look, I removed the "borbet" polycarbonate covering on the center caps, and stuck Mazda logo instead. 

I scarified the base plastic and used polyurethane glue. Two years later, they are haven't moved.

05/06/2024 It's kind of crazy of much the battery temperature affects efficiency. This car isn't very efficient, yet with a perfect battery temperature I did a 80km trip (driving at 90km.h) with a 11.2kW/h average !