Blocking hard drive I/O with sound

I replicated the results of


Connor Bolton, Sara Rampazzi, Chaohao Li, Andrew Kwong, Wenyuan Xu and Kevin Fu. in "Blue Note: How intentional acoutic interference Damages availability and integrity in hard disk drives and operating systems".


I set up one of my DIY Cabasse Spheres in front of a Fujitsu MJA2160BH.

Doing a frequency sweep from 850Hz to 1.1Khz at around 102 to 105dB. When reaching close to 975Hz +/- 25Hz, the bitrate of the read file drops from 70MiB/s to a few KiB/s.

Data was generated from /dev/random, secondary drive is an Kingston SSD, attacked hard drive is a Fujitsu MJA2160BH. Distance between the coaxial speaker and the hard drive is 10cm +/- 2cm. OS is Debian 9.4 amd64. Supporting foam is a stanard Monacor speaker enclosure foam. The room is acoustically damped on all the ceiling with 20cm of acoustic materials.